for your Installation or sanding/Finishing Projects

Licensed & Insured

Flooring contractors are required to have a Home Improvement Contractor’s License. Verrazano Flooring is licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs to do business in New York City and in New Jersey. We carry a $2 million dollar liability insurance policy with a $5 million dollar Umbrella that insures our work. Most Co-op buildings and Condominiums will only allow licensed contractors to work in the premises and these contractors must submit proof of insurance to the home owner or management office before work begins. We can provide certificates of insurance to you or your building management office via e-mail or fax upon your request.

Contact our office with the required information ( such as insurance limits, names of Certificate Holder and Additional Insured, etc.) to request a certificate at least 2-3 days prior to starting your job so that we can have the certificates sent to you. A copy of our Business License can also be provided upon your request.

You can reach the office at (718) 369-9663 with any questions regarding a certificate of insurance.