Sanding and Refinishing Wood Floors

Floor sanding and refinishing is recommended to remove moderate to severe scratches or gouges in wood floors.  This process will make your floors look new again and restore luster to a worn out finish.  It is important to choose the right finish because it protects the wood from wear, dirt and moisture while giving the wood an attractive color and sheen.  Most floors are finished with a sealer or a stain (a pigment used to color the floor) and a top coat or surface finish (2 or three layers) to protect the wood.

Wood floors can be sanded and refinished to change the look of the floor by applying a different color stain to the wood or giving it a different sheen for a new look.  With today’s modern technology in finish products, wood floor finishes create lasting beauty and require minimal care.

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Screening and Recoating Wood Floors

Wood floors that are in good condition can be screened and recoated to remove light surface scratches and add new luster to the finish.  This is a less disruptive process where the floors are screened and recoated in one day.

Important: Floors that are sanded and refinished are guaranteed for seven years against peeling, chipping or cracking.  However, there is no guarantee on the finish with the screen and coat process because finish adhesion on an existing floor can be affected by surface contaminants.  Speak to a Verrazano Flooring representative for more information about your options.

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