Maintaining Your Hardwood Flooring

Cleaning Tips & Recommended Products

Wood Floor Care Instructions


NOTE: Rugs or mats should be put down after the polyurethane finish fully cures. This takes about 7 days for the water base polyurethane and up to 30 days for the oil base polyurethane finish. Look for rugs, rug pads or mats that contain 100% natural rubber and avoid those that contain plastic or plastic coatings as they can react with the polyurethane and leave imprints in the finish. If possible, please check with the manufacturer of the rug or non-skid pad that you choose, for their recommendations.


We recommend the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner to clean and maintain your floors.   This product is safe for the polyurethane finish and will not leave a residue on the floor. You can purchase Bona cleaners at our showroom. For more product information, please visit the Bona website:


Painter’s Tape or Similar: Never put tape down on the polyurethane finish. The finish will peel away when the tape is removed.

Water: Never use a soaking mop to wash a wood floor. Wood expands when it absorbs water. An excessive amount of water can infiltrate planks and scratches causing the finish to deteriorate thus provoking discoloration of the planks.

Vinegar: Cleaning methods used by consumers reduce the life of wood floors. In fact, many people clean their wood floors with water and vinegar. These elements prematurely alter the luster of the finish and cause the appearance of black stains on the planks because water can infiltrate planks and blacken the wood. Vinegar is an oxidant and alters the varnish. The only way to remedy these alterations is to sand the floor and finish it again.

Sand and Dust: Sweeping the floor and vacuuming regularly avoids the accumulation of abrasive sand or dust that scratches the finished surface.