Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring will bring beauty and value to your home or business.  It is easier to install and can be stapled, nailed, glued or installed by using the click method.

Engineered hardwood flooring is made up of layers.  The top layer is 100% natural wood, which comes in a variety of species.  The bottom layer is also natural wood and constructed in the center of the two pieces of hardwood is a 5 to 7 layer piece of plywood that crisscrosses in different directions.

Engineered flooring creates a highly stable core that is less likely to expand, contract or shift when exposed to moisture or different temperatures.  This is why engineered wood is a great option for homes or businesses that are subject to moisture.  Engineered wood is also the best option for basements or over concrete slab subfloors as well as radiant heating systems.

Engineered wood is available in a wide range of styles, ranging from traditional to specialty designs and engineered wood makes extra wide plank styles possible while hardwood floors sometimes do not.

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Which will it be?  Engineered wood or Solid wood flooring?  Here is a photo for you to better understand the construction and differences between the two floor styles.

Neither floor type is categorized as the “better” but we know both will allow your space a new, unique and beautiful appearance.

Now the question should be…which style floor is best suitable for you? Which floor will be “better” for your needs.

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